Batch Manager

Last updated on Jul 17, 20242 mins read

Check out our YouTube Short about how our Batch Manager feature works!

If you tend to work with large shipments of devices, and need a way to group them together, look no further than our Batch Manager system. Here is how it works:

  1. Open the Batch Manager by heading over to your Dashboard, and finding the “Manage Batches” option. Here you will be able to see your batches once you make them, which also allows you to see if they are open or not. You can close or delete them from here as well.
  2. Press the Create Batch button
  3. Choose a name, this will be the name you can use in your Work History as a filter. Any devices added to this batch will show up there.
  4. Choose an ID generation method. If you select one, you will be able to add this ID to exported data automatically, in the form of it being added to the file names. Do note, these IDs are added to the Custom ID field in a device’s Sticky Data:
    1. Sequential - Each added device will gain an ID that counts up.
    2. IMEI/MEID - The device’s IMEI will be added to its name as an ID.
  5. Now that you have one set up, you can go back to the M360 PC app, and in the top left where you hover “Devices”, select “Open a Batch”. Select your choice of batch in the menu which comes up, and press “Open Batch”

While a batch is open, all devices you connect are automatically added to it.