IMEI Blacklist Check

Last updated on Jul 17, 20242 mins read

With GSMA Device Check™ built into M360, you can find out instantly whether a device has been reported lost or stolen (in the past 10 years) through the world’s most accurate registry of device status.

Just simply connect a device and click the Blacklist Check button at the upper right, on the Device Information screen and you will instantly receive its blacklist status. This information will be available on your printed and online reports as well.

Please find the number of IMEI Blacklist checks provided to each licences:

  • Basic licence: 20 checks
  • Professional licence: 50 checks per month
  • Business licence: 500 checks per month

You can find below the additional IMEI Blacklist checks included in each licence upgrades:

  • Basic licence upgrade: 20 additional checks
  • Professional licence upgrade: 25 additional checks
  • Business licence upgrade: 100 additional checks

If you need only additional IMEI Blacklist checks, without upgrading your licence, you can purchase them in different packages:

  • 10 checks for €0.9
  • 100 checks for €8.9
  • 1,000 checks for €84.9

Important! The IMEI Blacklist Checks that come with your licence and upgrades reset and refill at each monthly cycle, so you cannot accumulate checks. If you purchase Blacklist Checks separately (not through a licence upgrade) and do not use them by the next monthly cycle, these checks will not be deleted; they will remain available, and the checks that come with your licence and upgrades will be added to them. The system will first use the checks that come with your licence and upgrades before using the separately purchased ones.

Visit our Pricing page for further information and purchase.