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16 days ago

New OEM Check

Version 1.5.1
Desktop App

New OEM Check (BETA)

We are pleased to introduce our new method for handling OEM Checks! More reliable and more detailed than ever before, you can expect better results. This is a BETA feature, and we would like your feedback. To gain access to this feature, reach out to us via email: To assist with correcting faulty results, for the BETA we have also added a button next to each result to report it if you are confident that it is false. This way we can work to further improve and expand the scope of this brand new feature.

What’s improved:
- Devices which are stuck on "authentication" can now be disconnected from the software without having to unplug them, by pressing the eject button on the top right of phonecards.

What’s fixed:
- Fixed a bug affecting the deletion/hiding of labels
- Fixed an error happening on failed logins

a month ago

New Licences, Upgrades & Network Lock Check

Version 1.5.0
New FeaturesDesktop App

New Licence Structure

We are excited to unveil one of our biggest updates yet! To allow our users to better customise their exact needs from our product, we have reworked our licence structure. Rather than choosing a singular licence, you now can determine exactly what package you require, as well as take into consideration how much you actually need of certain features. You can check out the details on our new pricing here:

These licences use tokens for certain features, which you can always check how many you have of on your status bar as well as in your settings in our desktop application. Tokens reset monthly, and do not carry over, except for those which were manually purchased such as Blacklist Checks, and the new Network Lock Checks.

Network Lock Checks

By popular request, you can now use M360 to check if a device is locked to a specific carrier, or unlocked and usable with any carrier. Just like with Blacklist Checks, you can perform this on a device, or manually check an IMEI number. Licences do not include Network Checks by default, can be purchased from our website. Important Note: Network Lock Checks are only available for Samsung and iOS devices at this time!

What’s improved:
- We have updated our login screen, giving it a fresh look as well as a more user friendly interface
- All new and past changelogs have been cleaned up with a new format, available both in our desktop application as well as on our new website
- The status checker and its warnings are now more clear, letting you know and understand more effectively if something went wrong

What’s fixed:
- iPhone 8 devices which falsely showed some of their parts as replaced in an OEM check no longer do so
- The new Action Button on the latest iOS devices no longer causes issues in our Hardware Buttons test

May 9, 2024

Original Colour Display for Samsung Devices

Version 1.4.17
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new:
- Original colour display for Samsung devices (let us know about exceptions and we will address them)
- SoC (system on a chip) information now available for most devices

What’s improved:
- Redesigned and improved software update feature

What’s fixed:
- Addressed various bugs across the application, enhancing overall stability and performance

April 23, 2024

Apple Jailbreak Status, Animated Instructions

Version 1.4.16
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new:
- Both our Android and iOS apps now feature simple animations, which help new users/operators quickly get accustomed to performing certain diagnostics
- The Device Information data of iOS devices now includes the Jailbreak status

What’s improved:
- Grading details on labels are now more clear with their design, so that there is no confusion on the number of filled/empty stars
- The WiFi details you set within your diagnostics settings now work with all android devices, allowing you to automatically connect to the internet with all of your connected devices
- iOS Quick Diagnostics has received many improvements, and we thank you for your feedback! More data and more devices should now be compatible. Once again we remind you that this feature is still in its early stages, and as such is only available for users who contact our Support Team at, and request access to it.
Check out our 60-second video showcasing Quick Testing:

What’s fixed:
- A few minor bugs

April 4, 2024

Quick Testing (Beta)

Version 1.4.15
New FeaturesDesktop App

Quick Testing

What if you could test a device without ever having downloaded anything onto it, or even before activating it? Well, that’s exactly what we have been working towards with the introduction of our latest BETA feature. For iOS devices, there is now the option to perform diagnostics without our app, using data and error reporting directly from the device’s operating system, in order to instantly highlight any major issues. This feature is still in its early stages, and as such is only available for users who contact our Support Team at, and request access to it.
Check out our 60-second video showcasing Quick Testing:

What’s fixed:
- Fixed not being able to copy information from your history by clicking on it in the interface
- Various miscellaneous bugfixes

March 18, 2024

iOS Device Detection in Recovery or DFU mode

Version 1.4.14
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new:
- You can now connect iOS devices that are in Recovery or DFU mode. This feature is still limited, and we are intending to develop it more, adding for example the ability to perform device wipes on such devices.

What’s improved:
- The Regulatory Model Number is now included within the device information of iOS devices
- Numerous new points of data are available for iOS and Android devices’ historical sessions, and can now be placed on labels
- The default language for exports is now adjusted automatically when the program’s language is changed, though this can still be overwritten by setting it separately
- The port manager now works with iOS devices in the exact same way as with Android devices

What’s fixed:
- Fixed a bug with the M360 app coming into focus repeatedly when it shouldn’t
- Minor fixes

February 27, 2024

Batch Manager: Manage and Group Large Numbers of Devices

Version 1.4.13
New FeaturesDesktop App

Batch Manager

Introducing our latest major feature: the Batch Manager, a powerful tool designed for efficiently handling and grouping together large volumes of devices! A batch can be set up through your dashboard, which will act as a container that can be opened and closed within the application. Any device connected while a batch is open is automatically added to it, and assigned a Custom ID/SKU based on the settings you chose in your dashboard. With the newly added batch filter in your History, you can effortlessly export reports, labels, or CSV-formatted data for an entire batch with just a few clicks. Check out our 60-second video showcasing the Batch Manager:

What’s improved:
- CSV exports now contain the URLs to reports for each device
- All overlay menus, such as the Export Window and the Manual Phone menu, have been refurbished
- During the export process, you can now see not only the number of sessions, but the number of unique phones you have selected

What’s fixed:
- A few rare Android crashes
- Other minor issues

February 15, 2024

Status Checker and Automatic Blacklist Check

Version 1.4.12
New FeaturesDesktop App

Automatic Blacklist Check

We have added a new automation setting that allows previously unchecked devices to have their IMEI automatically checked upon connection to M360. In addition to this, we have also added a setting which if turned on will also automatically recheck devices that haven’t been checked in over half a year. These features work for all devices, including those which were manually added.

New iOS 17+ Battery Test

Due to changes in the functionality of battery percentage reading in iOS devices running version 17+, we have introduced a slightly new method of performing it. Now such devices will require a connection with M360 at the beginning and end of the drain test. Other than that, the test and its results continue to function as normal.

Status Checker

Located in the bottom right, the new Status Checker allows you to make sure all basic functionality of M360 is in working order. Now if ever you find yourself experiencing errors, you can quickly check this list of functionality to get a clearer picture of what might be causing them.

What’s improved:
- We have revamped the entire status bar, making it more clear, as well as including the new Status Checker
- The start screen has also gained a significant makeover, now including some quick troubleshooting tips for device connection
- The button for the “Devices” screen is now a menu for quick use of certain features, such as Manual Device Entry and Android Activation

What’s fixed:
- Various minor bugs

February 2, 2024

Redesigned History Screen

Version 1.4.11
Desktop App

New History View

Back when we designed the work history screen, we had a lot less data to display. Over time, as we kept adding new features, it became very information-heavy, and it was time to redesign this screen from scratch. Today, we are happy to present you with a completely new work history view! It should help you overview and find every device-related information with ease. Feel free to let us know your thoughts!

January 26, 2024

Improved Batch Exports

Version 1.4.10
Desktop App

What's improved:
- Batch exports from the History are now faster and more reliable
- Additionally, we've added pause/continue and cancel controls for your large exports
- Now, we can detect battery replacements for Samsung devices, even if the device wasn't officially calibrated afterward
- We now display result notification banners in the mobile apps (if tests are initiated within a template)
- The dead pixel test automatically sets the brightness to 100% to aid in pixel hunting
- Our export dialog has received a minor facelift to make it easier to use

January 12, 2024

Let's Start 2024

Version 1.4.9
Desktop App

Happy New Year! Our first update has been released early in 2024. :)

What's improved:
- Our NFC test now identifies a broader spectrum of tags on devices that run iOS 13 or newer
- You can set custom timeout for the touchscreen test in Settings/Diagnostics
- Added automatic detection and the option to start the Apple driver service on the computer if it's not running
- Integrated Google API for automatic geopositioning to determine your current location for the GPS test (Settings/Diagnostics)
- Added Mexico to the Apple quick activation regions

What's fixed:
- In some rare cases, the wipe result would show as a fail even if the wipe was successful on the device

December 14, 2023

Instant Battery Health for Samsung Devices

Version 1.4.8
New FeaturesDesktop App

Samsung Battery Health

Now, we provide instant battery health information upon device connection for most Samsung devices, and we are working to extend this feature to include more brands and models.

What's improved:
- Device Expenses: added a checkbox to the export dialog, allowing to include or exclude device expenses on reports
- Grading Photos: you can now include these in your reports as well (export checkbox)

What's fixed:
- Various Label Designer improvements and app crash fixes

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season! Thank you for choosing M360!

November 30, 2023

Device Expenses, Grading Photos & Tooltips

Version 1.4.7
New FeaturesDesktop App

Device Expenses

Located on the Device Information screen, under the 'Device Expenses' tab, you can utilise this feature to monitor all device-related expenditures. Record purchase costs, current asking prices, past sold prices, and any additional expenses with ease. Using all entered data, M360 calculates your total cost and profit/loss. You can change your currency settings in Settings/General. You can check in this article how it works.

Device Photos (Grading)

Now, you can upload 8 photos for any connected device using the new "Photos" tab on the Grading screen. Soon we will release an update to make them appear in your online reports as well. Here is an article about our Grading options.

Help Tooltips

We've added a "Help Tooltips" switch in the bottom status bar. When activated, M360 displays tooltips as you hover over specific elements. Rest assured, we will continuously add new tooltips to enhance the experience.

What else is new:
- Added currency settings for Device Expenses in Settings/General
- Added an accuracy threshold setting for the automated GPS test

November 10, 2023

Label Designer is Here

Version 1.4.6
New FeaturesDesktop App

Label Designer

We're thrilled to announce that our powerful label designer has officially moved out of the beta stage. Now, you can easily create, save, export, and import as many labels as you want! Additionally, our previous QR and device labels have been merged into the designer, now serving as default labels. Here is an article on how to continue using our default and your beta labels:

What else is new:
- Added an option to disconnect devices from M360 without physical unplug (wireless sync is wip!)

What's improved:
- Any app, template, diagnostics or grading related changes in the PC settings now apply instantly, without device reconnection – these are saved and kept by the apps
- Increased the default data display quantity from 20 to 100 rows wherever applicable (History, External Reports, etc.)
- Rows associated with the same devices are now distinctly highlighted in the History

October 26, 2023

Improved Sync, Automated GPS Test, iOS 12

Version 1.4.5
New FeaturesDesktop App

Improved Diagnostics Synchronisation
Our mobile apps now proactively alert you when it's time to reconnect to your PC for seamless synchronisation of diagnostic data. In addition, you can choose to manually sync any past result from the mobile apps to your PC. With the newly added Sync to Computer button conveniently located next to the Share button on every result screen, you have control over the synchronisation process. Note that the device must be connected to the PC to do this.

Automated GPS Test
On the Settings/Diagnostics screen now you can set your default location (e.g. your shop) using longitude and latitude coordinates. If the GPS test on your device returns these coordinates with reasonable accuracy, the GPS test in the mobile apps will automatically pass.

Important update regarding iOS compatibility
Beginning with this update, we will no longer be supporting iOS 10 & 11 devices. This means that our mobile application will not install on devices running these iOS versions, diagnostics and other core features will be unavailable on such iPhones and iPads. The minimum supported iOS version is now raised to iOS 12.

October 11, 2023

More Region Options for Apple Activation & Setup

Version 1.4.4
Desktop App

Our latest update tackles specific issues, enhancing your overall experience:
• Resolved an issue where diagnostics on Apple devices wouldn't resume after reconnection in some cases.
• Added more region options to Apple Activation & Setup. If you encounter app installation issues after activation, consider selecting your precise region.

October 2, 2023

Public Release 66

Version 1.4.3
New FeaturesDesktop App

Template Forcing
You now have the option to set a specific test template as mandatory, ensuring its enforcement across all operators. This means that operators are restricted from choosing or executing any alternative templates. To customise your test templates or to make one forced, simply navigate to while logged in with managerial credentials.

Manual Blacklist Check
We've added a button on the devices screen for manual IMEI checks. This functionality allows you to input any valid IMEI for a Blacklist check, without device connection.

Filename IMEI Prefix
We've incorporated a useful checkbox within the export dialog: to have the option to include device IMEIs as a prefix for all exported filenames, helping in instances of multi-export scenarios.

What's improved:
- Enhanced time tracking for diagnostics through a more robust and test-oriented approach
- iOS: added an automated volume checker and adjuster for the microphone and speaker tests
- Android: improved Bluetooth & GPS tests
- Added a status bar icon that provides a quick visual cue to indicate whether the logged-in user has manager role

What's fixed:
- In certain instances, the default labels failed to accurately display battery health
- Android bugfixes related to: multitouch test, camera test, device identification, other crash fixes

August 24, 2023

Combine Sessions & Device Identification

Version 1.4.2
New FeaturesDesktop App

Combine Sessions

Do you perform diagnostics, grading, or wiping at various times? No worries! Now you have the flexibility to merge multiple work sessions (up to 4) into a new, virtual session that can be exported just like your regular sessions. This feature enables you to seamlessly integrate yesterday's testing with today's grading, ensuring that all relevant information is available within the same certification or label. To create a combined session, simply access your History, select (checkbox) a minimum of 2 work sessions, and click the "Combine Sessions" button located at the top.

Device Identification

Our device identification feature helps you quickly identify connected devices by displaying an information panel on their screens. You can customise the trigger actions and its displayed content in Settings/Device Identification. For example, with just a single click, you can have all devices on your desk display their IMEIs or serial numbers via barcodes or QR codes. And it's all configurable!

Our mobile application is available on Apple's App Store, Google Play and Huawei's AppGallery as a free download!

What's Improved
• A summary of failed tests now available as a labeling option
• The battery drain test result is also available for labels now
• The microphones test for Apple devices now returns standardised microphone names

What's Fixed
• We no longer attempt to auto-install apps on non-activated devices
• Various other bugfixes

August 4, 2023

You spoke, we listened!

Version 1.4.1
New FeaturesDesktop App

• Reintroduced the option to grade the display (LCD) and the case as well
• Added choice between lite (X shape) and full-screen touchscreen tests in Settings/Diagnostics
• Tests now run in template order (configurable in Settings/Diagnostics)
• Enabled skipping full-screen test start screens (Settings/Diagnostics)
• Increased touch test timeouts
• Custom templates sync with the app after the first PC connection (available on the Diagnostics screen)
• Added option to force automated or manual Speaker and Microphone tests (Settings/Diagnostics)
• Added notification sounds for completed drain test
• Fixed missing battery health value bug on labels and reports (Android)
• Resolved bug in Android drain test showing incorrect percentage after completion

July 25, 2023

New Mobile Apps, User Testing, Shop ID & External Reports

Version 1.4.0
New FeaturesDesktop AppMobile AppsDashboard

Brand New Applications

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new mobile apps! It has been completely redesigned with added automated and background tests, along with a significantly improved user interface, making it much easier and more enjoyable to use.

Introducing User Testing, Shop ID & External Reports

Our application is now accessible for free download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With just a few taps, customers can download and test their devices, receiving the results conveniently via email or [insert drum roll here] they can share them directly with you, using your brand new Shop ID. Sharing test reports with you has never been easier! Simply navigate to the "External Reports" menu, where all the reports sent to you will be neatly organized. For detailed instructions on how to receive these reports, check out the "How to receive reports" tab under the "External Reports" menu.

July 6, 2023

Public Release 62

Version 1.3.35
New FeaturesDesktop App

What has been improved
• An indicator has been added into the bottom status bar to display the status of the automatic wipe feature

What has been fixed
• Resolved an issue where Apple devices could incorrectly display an invalid MDM state immediately after activation

June 14, 2023

Public Release 61

Version 1.3.34
New FeaturesDesktop App

Added auto-wipe option for Apple devices
You now have the option to enable automatic wiping of Apple devices when they are connected. This feature can be toggled on or off in the Settings, on the newly introduced Automation panel. To ensure the utmost caution with this functionality, even if it is enabled, we will send a confirmation notification before the wiping process begins. This is temporary and it should help you to become familiar with this feature and its implications.

What's improved
• We fixed and reinstated the QR setup feature for Android devices
• All automation-related toggles have been grouped together under a new Automation panel within the Settings. This allows for easier access and management of automation settings.

What's fixed
• Fixed many bugs related to the CSV export feature

May 23, 2023

Public Release 60

Version 1.3.33
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• Added support for Turkish language in our PC application. Mobile apps will follow soon!

What's improved
• Samsung devices can now have their IMEI manually added even if they are connected without USB debug (in serial mode)

What's fixed
• Resolved a crash issue that could occur when using the UI to turn off iPhones
• Fixed a bug in IMEI validation for Samsung devices connected without USB debug (in serial mode)
• Fixed a Label Designer bug that occasionally prevented label saving

May 12, 2023

Public Release 59

Version 1.3.32
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new

• Now you can enter the IMEI/MEID manually if M360 can't read it from the device
• Added full support for Ukrainian language
• Added a new, much faster secure wipe method for Android devices (if encrypted)

What’s improved

• Added support for Maximum Capacity (battery health) collection for iOS 16.4.1
• Now there is a key (diagnosticsTemplate) in our API to get which template was used in a diagnostic session

April 20, 2023

Public Release 58

Version 1.3.31
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new

• Added battery drain test for Apple devices
• Added MDM state detection for Apple devices
• The camera test has been upgraded with a manual focus slider to identify the known "white spots" problem for Apple devices

What’s improved

• Improved IMEI reading for devices running Android 12 or newer
• The collection method and UI for Maximum Capacity (battery health) for Apple devices have been further enhanced
• Added a combined Battery Capacity / Health info field to the Label Designer (under Device Information)
• Some additional details have been incorporated into the plain text report

What’s fixed

• The Android app has had various bugs addressed that had the potential to trigger crashes during the camera test, battery test, and when utilising test templates
• An issue in the Automated Microphone & Speaker test has been resolved to prevent incorrect results (in rare scenarios) for Apple devices

April 6, 2023

Public Release 57

Version 1.3.30
Desktop App

What’s improved

• The Batch CSV Export function now produces a single file containing all device information
• The Sales Region codes for Apple devices now have corresponding countries listed
• A select all checkbox has been added at the top for Batch Export in Work History (sorry for the oversight)
• It is also possible to select multiple lines by holding down the Shift key and clicking ;)
• The collection method and UI for Maximum Capacity (battery health) for Apple devices have been enhanced
• Open wifi networks can be used as well in the Settings

What’s fixed

• A bug related to batch exporting devices that have the same friendly name has been resolved

March 22, 2023

Public Release 56

Version 1.3.29
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new

• We've added batch export function to the Work History (PC). Now you can select multiple sessions from your history and export reports or print labels for many devices at once.

What’s improved

• Added region information for Apple devices (Device Information screen)
• Added RAM information for Android devices (Device Information screen)

March 7, 2023

Public Release 55

Version 1.3.28
Desktop App

Overall, this update focuses primarily on bug fixes and stability improvements to provide a better user experience. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our software.

• Fixed a critical bug that caused the software to crash when users attempted to run the proximity sensor test on certain Android devices
• Resolved an issue where the proximity sensor test was returning false evaluations, mainly on Motorola devices

March 2, 2023

Public Release 54

Version 1.3.27
New FeaturesDesktop App

Use Apple's Battery Health Maximum Capacity

Our battery health calculation for Apple devices can differ from Apple's own – what is displayed under Settings/Battery/Battery Health (Maximum Capacity). M360's capacity percentage is based on current data that is available at the time when you connected the device to M360. And Apple's calculation is based on continuously collected data, charging behaviours, etc. Therefore, there are some cases when these 2 values are 1-3% off due to many factors such as battery temperature, current charge, etc.
We understand that for some devices you want to have the same value on our reports and labels what your customers can see in the phone’s settings. That’s why we added a new reading method that can pull the Maximum Capacity value from the device as is.
If we detect that the 2 values might be different then you will see an Apple logo icon next to the battery health value on the Device Information screen. If you move your mouse over this icon you will see instructions how to run this data pull. Once you are familiar with the method you can just trigger it any time a device is connected and its tasks will run automatically in the background. Available for iOS 13 and newer.

Custom Overall Ratings

With our Sticky Data feature you can attach details to devices, and carry them over phone sessions. The Overall Rating is there to give your devices an overall condition rating. Our default values cover the common platform ratings like eBay Refurbished, Swappa and Back Market but now you can also create your own flags here. This value is displayed on M360 reports and can be added to your printed labels as well. You can manage these rating values on the online dashboard.

Custom Logo on Labels

If you upload your business logo on your web dashboard under Account Details, it will be automatically displayed on your reports. Now you can also add your uploaded logo to your labels using the Custom Logo element in the M360 label designer.

February 16, 2023

Public Release 53

Version 1.3.26
New FeaturesDesktop App

New Report Design

Our new diagnostic reports look a lot more professional, now it's more like a proper certificate rather than a report. The new layout and design is based on your feedback but as always, you guys are welcome to let us know if you think we should add or change anything else.

What’s new

• Now you can copy a summarised, text-only version of the report to your clipboard, from the export window. This can be great for places where you cannot use the HTML or the PDF version
• By default, our pushed iOS wifi profile deletes itself from the devices after an hour. Now you can change this behaviour in the Settings

What’s improved

• The Android battery drain test now shows you the discharge percentage as well for better evaluation (iOS battery drain test is on the way too!)
• You can search for devices in your Work History by their serial number, using the updated IMEI/Serial filter field

January 31, 2023

Public Release 52

Version 1.3.25
New FeaturesDesktop App

Custom Phone Statuses

Now you can create and manage your own custom phone statuses that can be set under Sticky Data. Just log in to your online dashboard and scroll to the bottom and click to "Manage Statuses" to add new ones. These statuses are attached to devices, and carried over phone sessions. They can be also put on printed labels.

What’s new
• M360 can now retrieve any of your saved Wifi network details to be saved and used for tests and push profiles. This feature is available in Settings/Diagnostics.

What’s fixed
• Various bugfixes and improvements in our beta Label Designer

January 12, 2023

Public Release 51

Version 1.3.24
Desktop App

What’s new
• Our label designer is going public beta now! We’ve done many bugfixes and improvements, thanks for all your feedback and keep them coming. You can open it from the Settings/Label Printing and QR Printing screens.

What’s improved
• The Client Manager is getting a few fixes and improvements with this update

December 14, 2022

Public Release 50

Version 1.3.23
New FeaturesDesktop App

Client Manager

We've moved the client information from the device's sticky data to a new section in the main menu called Client Manager. You can save and manage your clients here, attach them to devices, print labels with their details or use them to quickly create and print purchase agreements (coming soon). This will allow you to easily manage all clients and business partners in one place, even without device connection. In our next updates we will further improve the Client Manager and all related features.

Happy holidays folks, thank you for using M360!

December 7, 2022

Public Release 49

Version 1.3.22
New FeaturesDesktop App

Handling phones with updated storage

While we are working on some massive updates, we wanted to give you a small and smart feature that was requested by a few users recently.
If you connect a device that has a different storage capacity than the factory specification, M360 will give you the option to choose which value you want us to use. If you choose to overwrite the factory value, we will display the current capacity on our reports and labels.

December 1, 2022

Public Release 48

Version 1.3.21
Desktop App

This is a bugfix update to fix issues and to perform various underlying changes.

October 27, 2022

Public Release 47

Version 1.3.20
New FeaturesDesktop App

Label Designer (Beta)
The wait is over! Now you can design your very own printed labels featuring every data source that is available in M360. You can place QRs and barcodes as well as the M360 certified logo. This is a beta feature and it's only available for selected users. If you want access, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will enable it for your account.

What’s improved
• Now you can save your configuration (language, region, etc) for Apple "Activate & Setup" that can be used as default for single-, and batch device activation as well.

October 13, 2022

Public Release 46

Version 1.3.19
Desktop App

Now some stats are available in the web dashboard to track, analyse, and to find data and patterns. These should help you to monitor your testing performance, efficiency and your operators. You can access it at and please let us know if there is any other data or stats that you would like to see there.

What’s fixed
• Various bugfixes and under-the-hood improvements for our PC and Android applications

September 29, 2022

Public Release 45

Version 1.3.18
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• Now you can push your saved WiFi settings to iOS devices, at the bottom of the diagnostics screen. There is a checkbox in settings/general to make this automatic upon device connection. Please check your WiFi and its security settings to ensure smooth operation.

What’s improved
• Added a checkbox in settings/general to turn on Samsung device detection without USB debugging turned on. Please note: with this update it will be off by default so if you are using this feature you need to turn it back on.

What’s fixed
• Various bugfixes in our Android and iOS apps

September 15, 2022

Public Release 44

Version 1.3.17
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• Now you can connect Samsung devices without USB debugging turned on, to read basic information, run Blacklist check, save sticky data or to print a label (feedback is welcome)
• Added support for iOS16
• All new iPhone 14 models (186) are registered and will be recognised
• Added support for new, iOS16 setup screens for activation
• Added extended camera support in our Android camera test for devices running Android 12 or newer

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug in the Android stylus pen test that would let drawing go behind display cutouts (notch)

August 18, 2022

Public Release 43

Version 1.3.16
New FeaturesDesktop App

With this update we've added a new, more convenient method to automatically read IMEIs for Samsung devices. It's most noticable for devices running Android 12.

August 11, 2022

Public Release 42

Version 1.3.15
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s improved
• Added an option in Settings to do the Android 12 IMEI screen read automatically (a better solution for Samsung devices is coming in our next update)
• Added additional information for blacklisted devices: date, country and who initiated the blacklisting
• Now we show the last blacklist check result when you connect a device, if there was a check previously

July 21, 2022

Public Release 41

Version 1.3.14
New FeaturesDesktop App

Android 12 IMEI/MEID Read Solution

With Android 12 access to IMEI and MEID identifiers by apps and computers are officially not supported anymore. While we are working on a more professional solution, for now we've added a "Screen Read" method that navigates the phone to its settings screen so M360 can automatically read and fill in the IMEI/MEID identifiers. This option is available under the "Why there is no IMEI?" button if we failed to read the IMEI with the current methods. In our next release there will be a settings option to run this automatically.

Please note, the phone needs to be on the home screen and it will close any other applications or running diagnostics for a few seconds.

June 28, 2022

Public Release 40

Version 1.3.13
Desktop App

We've updated our Apple driver and it should solve all connection related issues for Apple devices. You can manually update it in Settings/Driver Manager if you have system admin rights. Please make sure that you restart your system after the update.

What’s improved
• Automatic iOS app start now works on more devices

What’s fixed
• Device connection stability improvements for Apple devices

June 22, 2022

Public Release 39

Version 1.3.12
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s improved
• BETA: Now we will try to start the iOS application automatically, after install (when possible)
• Now you can use serial numbers for barcodes on labels
• There is a notification for iOS devices if the device has passlock and needs to be unlocked
• Better images in our help section

What’s fixed
• Many small bugfixes and under the hood optimalisations 

May 26, 2022

Public Release 38

Version 1.3.11
Desktop App

What’s improved
• Added IMEI validation for manual phone entry
• Revamped notification system
• Status bar UI improvements

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to automatic app install
• Fixed a bug related to copying device information
• Apple OEM check UI fixes

May 19, 2022

Public Release 37

Version 1.3.10
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• Now we can send you system notifications to let you know about scheduled maintenances, etc. (promise, we won’t spam)

What’s improved
• Better invalid IMEI detection and handling
• Now we highlight sensitive states for certain device information (account locks, etc.)
• Improved OEM check layout for Apple devices
• Now you can easily copy any device information (just move the mouse over and click the copy icon that appears)
• Android: now you can start the drain test with 40% battery charge (60% before)
• Android: drain test plays a notification sound when finished
• Android & iOS: now we prevent screen timeout for a better diagnostics experience
• Improved connection guides
• Better install & uninstall app messaging
• Added confirmation for the shutdown button
• Added a new label layout (E) (soon we will release our label designer)
• Now our settings window is responsive (for better overview)


What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to PDF printing
• UI bugfixes for Batch Operations
• Android: NFC related bugfixes
• Many other small fixes here and there

April 28, 2022

Public Release 36

Version 1.3.9
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• OEM parts verification is available for newer Apple devices


What’s improved
• Now we automatically adapt the system's UI scaling
• Added margin settings for all 4 sides for labels
• Improved battery health calculation for iPhones

What’s fixed
• Various UI fixes for Microsoft Surface devices

April 21, 2022

Public Release 35

Version 1.3.8
Desktop App

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect battery health calculation for Apple devices

April 12, 2022

Public Release 34

Version 1.3.7
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• New QR label with M360 certified badge

What’s fixed
• Various bug fixes all around

March 31, 2022

Public Release 33

Version 1.3.6
New FeaturesDesktop App

Automated FaceID Diagnostics
Using the device's self-diagnostics report, now we can automatically detect if the FaceID (TrueDepth camera) is not working properly in Apple devices. Optionally, you can still run the manual test if you wish.


What’s improved
• Improved battery health calculation for Apple devices

What’s fixed
• Factory reset and secure wipe result related bugfixes

March 16, 2022

Public Release 32

Version 1.3.5
Desktop App

What’s fixed
• The shutdown icon on the phone-cards was invisible in some cases
• Batch diagnostics could get stuck sometimes
• The Apple Activation & Setup screen would freeze in rare cases
• The IMEI filter in History wouldn't accept MEID
• Some new help pages wouldn't display properly in the app
• The default date format change wouldn't apply in rare cases
• Fixed a bug that could cause crash

March 3, 2022

Public Release 31

Version 1.3.4
Desktop App

What’s fixed
• In some cases the battery health wouldn't show on printed labels
• Many small bugfixes here and there

February 22, 2022

Public Release 30

Version 1.3.3
Desktop App

What’s improved
• Added confirmation for batch wipe actions

What’s fixed
• Language and region selection wasn't working properly for batch Apple activation
• Fixed a bluetooth permission issue for devices running Android 12+
• Apple devices setup wasn't working if a device was already activated
• In some cases the automated speaker & microphone test result wasn't displayed correctly for Android devices
• UI scaling bugfixes

February 17, 2022

Public Release 29

Version 1.3.2
New FeaturesDesktop App

New Automated Speaker and Microphone Test
Now you have an option to test the speakers and the microphones without having to manually record, playback and validate. Our new test uses the data-over-sound technology to test all available speakers and microphones in the device. This technology encodes information into audio format, audibly as "bleeps and tones". We use the speakers to send randomly generated codes, and use the microphones to receive them.

New LCD Test for Android
Use this test to detect possible LCD display issues. The special 4 colour background and the auto-increasing brightness might help to recognise colour fade, light leakage, light bleeding, horizontal or vertical lines, light or dark patches, dead pixel or bright pixel. It can also help to trigger and detect the "famous" Samsung faulty green screen.

What’s improved
• Activation and setup for Apple devices are now available as a batch action so you can activate multiple devices with one single click

What’s fixed
• Various bugfixes here and there

February 1, 2022

Public Release 28

Version 1.3.1
New FeaturesDesktop App

Android Battery Drain/Load Test
With our updated Android battery test you can get a more accurate battery health condition reading. It takes 10 minutes, this is about the minimum time required for such testing. We create a CPU load and measure the battery discharge rate and give you an estimated health percentage based on the result.

Revamped Results Screen
Now you can browse between diagnostic results that were created in the same session. You can also find and load historical results for a connected device, right on the results screen of the phone card.

Device Marketing Names
For many devices now we display their true marketing names as the friendly name. 

What’s improved
• Added activation and setup status indicators for Apple devices on the activation panel
• Added new QR label layouts showing the battery health and the number of tests finished
• Battery charge levels get updated on the phone cards

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to CSV export in batch processing
• Fixed a diagnostics export bug
• Various UI fixes

January 20, 2022

Public Release 27

Version 1.3.0
New FeaturesDesktop App

Batch Operations
Now you can select multiple devices (left sidebar) for batch processing! Use the checkboxes at the top right corner or just simply select/deselect all connected devices to run all our key functions on them, at the same time, simultaneously. This is a work in progress feature, your feedback is welcome.

What’s improved
• Improved Android wipe handling
• Faster and more stable iOS activation
• Better MEID recognition and handling
• Better and more accurate iPhone models detection
• We moved the Blacklist check counter to the bottom status bar

What’s fixed
• In some cases IMEI2 wasn't showing for devices running Android 11 or newer
• Fixed a Custom ID (Sticky Data) length related bug
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the UI scaling
• Various UI fixes

December 16, 2021

Public Release 26

Version 1.2.5
Desktop App

Some bugfixes in our last update this year:

  • Android activation QR wouldn't generate if used special characters in your wifi name or password
  • Wifi profile wouldn't get pushed to iOS devices for the same reason
  • We displayed wrong capacity/storage size for some iPhone SE models

Happy holidays folks, we love y'all!

November 26, 2021

Public Release 25

Version 1.2.4
Desktop App

What’s new
• Now we display all active brand accounts, not only Google (Android only)

What’s improved
• Improved UI elements

What’s fixed
• Fixed QR code generation for Android activation
• Various crash causing bug fixes

November 18, 2021

Public Release 24

Version 1.2.3
New FeaturesDesktop App

Activation & Setup for Android devices
Now you can quickly activate Android devices and skip the setup screens! It helps to prepare brand new, or factory reset devices for testing. This procedure requires wifi connection with internet, so make sure you have your SSID and the wifi password saved in our settings. You can find the "Activate Android Device" button on the home (devices) screen, this feature doesn't require an active USB connection.

Xiaomi Special Install
If the app install fails due to manufacturer, or custom OS restrictions, now we can upload the Android app to the device's "Download" folder so you can easily install it from there.

What’s improved
• iOS battery health shows as percentage

What’s fixed
• Fixed iOS activation for iPads
• Fixed a bug related to wipe reports
• Various crash causing bug fixes

October 29, 2021

Public Release 23

Version 1.2.2
Desktop App

What’s new
• Easier iOS app install (no need to trust the developer)

What’s fixed
• In some cases, factory reset Apple devices wouldn't authenticate automatically (thanks Yves!)

October 27, 2021

Public Release 22

Version 1.2.1
New FeaturesDesktop App

Activation & Setup for Apple devices
Now you can quickly activate Apple devices and skip the selected Setup Assistant screens in M360! This can help to prepare a brand new, or a factory resetted device for testing, in less than a minute. If you want the device to be connected to your wifi network as part of this setup, please make sure you have the SSID and the password saved in our wifi settings panel. The A&S added as a new tab, at the top right corner of the Device Information screen.

What’s new
• Added NFC test
• Added 3D Touch test for supported Apple devices

What’s improved
• Now you can re-test failed and skipped tests before report generation – only the final results will go on your reports

What’s fixed
• Fixed a rare, iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus detection bug
• Fixed several bugs here and there

September 22, 2021

Public Release 21

Version 1.2.0
New FeaturesDesktop App

OEM Parts Check for Apple devices:
• Motherboard, battery, screen, rear camera, front camera, wifi, bluetooth – these parts are checked for iOS devices upon connection to determine if parts are original, replaced, or genuine. We read the current serial numbers and if they do not match to the factory value, some part of the device may be changed.
• You can find the OEM check report on the device information screen, as a new tab next to Sticky Data
• OEM check report is available in the History and optionally can be added to the online and PDF reports
• This feature is in BETA mode now, we are fixing missing serials and adding new parts to the report

What’s new
• Now we notify you if you trying to close the app while any important process is in progress

What’s improved
• Rewritten app and desktop communication for improved stability

What’s fixed
• Fixed some window position and size related bugs

August 24, 2021

Public Release 20

Version 1.1.19
New FeaturesDesktop App

What's new:
• Updated camera test to test special camera features
• Updated microphone test to test all microphones

What’s fixed
• Various bug and UI fixes and stability improvements

August 24, 2021

Public Release 19

Version 1.1.18
Desktop App

We release these silent updates regularly to perform various underlying changes

August 6, 2021

Public Release 18

Version 1.1.17
New FeaturesDesktop App

What's new:
• Redesigned devices screen for better multi connection experience
• Battery percentage display on phone cards
• Turn off button on phone cards
• Added work history to the web dashboard (access all records and reports from the browser, even from your mobile)

What’s fixed
• Fixed iOS battery health calculation 
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

July 16, 2021

Public Release 17

Version 1.1.16
New FeaturesDesktop App

What's new:
• A customer API to access work history & reports is now available for all users – settings and documentation on the web dashboard (upon login)
• There is a settings panel for the QR code labels
• We detect and notify you, if you connected a phone in safe mode

What's improved:
• You can change CSV export settings during export
• Wipe details are optional on reports

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to printing when offline
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

June 17, 2021

Public Release 16

Version 1.1.15
Desktop App

What's new:
• Added support for DYMO label printers
• M360 branded QR codes

What’s fixed
• Fixed iOS wipe instructions
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

June 2, 2021

Public Release 15

Version 1.1.14
New FeaturesDesktop App

New, advanced Report export dialogue:
• Change the report's language on the fly
• Print label with QR code (online report URL)
• Copy online report URL

What’s fixed:
• Various bugfixes and improvements all around

April 29, 2021

Public Release 14

Version 1.1.13
Desktop App

Various bug fixes and stability improvements

April 22, 2021

Public Release 13

Version 1.1.12
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Better software update mechanism
• Added 175% UI scaling option
• Updated international carrier database

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a driver uninstallation bug

April 12, 2021

Public Release 12

Version 1.1.11
New FeaturesDesktop App

Revamped Device Labels
• Added printer support, so now you can select your label printer from the available printers
• Added precise margin and paper settings to support a wide variety of label printers
• Choose from multiple label layouts
• Labels can contain two IMEIs now
• Add overall rating and device status on labels

What's new:
• Added network and server status on the status bar

What’s fixed
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

March 19, 2021

Public Release 10

Version 1.1.9
Desktop App

Introducing Sticky Data
Now some details are attached to devices, and carried over phone sessions. Once you set and save them, they will be easily accessible whenever you connect the device again. For example, we moved the customer information from Grading and now it also sticks to the device. You can find the sticky data section on the device information (get info) screen, located on a new tab.

Added new device properties
• Custom Identifier – save your own custom identifier to any device. Use this for your own stock-keeping, etc. Custom identifier is a sticky data.
• Overall Rating – Save an overall rating for any device, for quick and easy grading recognition.

These properties will also go on the printed labels with our next update!

iOS Application
• Our app is now available in the App Store, right here

What’s fixed
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

February 4, 2021

Public Release 9

Version 1.1.8
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Improved Android factory reset handling
• Various UI fixes and improvements
• Improved app install mechanism
• Better Apple friendly/market name decoding
• Improved driver installation process

January 19, 2021

Public Release 8

Version 1.1.7
Desktop App

This important update fixes a History data synchronisation bug.

January 14, 2021

Public Release 7

Version 1.1.6
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Now you can record and playback with the microphone test

What’s fixed:
• Various bugfixes to improve stability for both PC and mobile apps

January 7, 2021

Public Release 6

Version 1.1.5
Desktop App

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a secure wipe progress display bug
• Fixed a CSV export related bug
• Fixed a bug that could cause crash in some rare cases, during report saving
• Various other bugfixes and stability improvements

December 16, 2020

Public Release 5

Version 1.1.4
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• More informative login error messages

What’s fixed:
• Fixed factory reset for devices running iOS 14.0/14.1/14.2

December 1, 2020

Public Release 4

Version 1.1.3
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Improved software update process

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a bug that could cause crash when you quickly disconnect and reconnect devices (bad cables could also triggered this)

November 27, 2020

Public Release 3

Version 1.1.2
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Added "Restart as admin" option for permission failed software updates
• Android app: more stability improvements

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a bug that would cause strange button behaviour in Driver Manager
• Fixed a login UI related bug
• UI bugfix for Wipe abort

November 25, 2020

Public Release 2

Version 1.1.1
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Better Apple friendly name generation
• Improved notifications for manual entry phones
• Improved app communication
• Android app: stability improvements

What’s fixed:
• Fixed iOS version display in History
• Fixed a bug that would not empty the Grading comment field
• UI bugfix for single card view

November 6, 2020

Public Release 1

Version 1.1.0
Desktop App

After fixing a few more bugs and fine-tuning some of the features, we are going live (public) with this 1.1.0 version! Hurray!

October 21, 2020

Public Beta Release 19

Version 1.0.31
Desktop App

What’s new:
• Added Blacklist Check feature – check international lost/stolen status
• Added pen/stylus test to diagnostics

What’s improved:
• Simplified report printing/saving popup
• Various UI improvements

September 24, 2020

Public Beta Release 18

Version 1.0.30
Desktop App

What’s new:
• Added option to “Restart as administrator” when admin permission is needed
• Arabic language support with mirrored layouts
• Added source/origin information for Apple devices

What’s improved:
• Improved software update mechanism
• Improved phone detection workflow
• Improved crash logging
• Installed drivers data is now saved in Windows Registry

What’s fixed:
• Fixed app install for Google Pixel phones
• Fixed a bug that could cause errors if Apple devices connected during driver install
• Antivirus friendly Android app install (IPV4 localhost address)

• Fixed some user session related bugs
• No more empty values in History records
• Login credentials get cleared on session timeout
• Various notification center fixes
• Various UI fixes

September 10, 2020

Public Beta Release 17

Version 1.0.29
Desktop App

This important update fixes an app install bug for Android devices.

September 9, 2020

Public Beta Release 16

Version 1.0.28
Desktop App

This important update fixes a data synchronisation bug for iOS offline diagnostics.

August 28, 2020

Under-the-hood Updates

Version 1.0.27
Desktop App
We release these silent updates regularly to perform various underlying changes
August 6, 2020

Public Beta Release 13

Version 1.0.25
Desktop App

What’s new:

• Added device source information for Apple devices
• UDID is now displayed for Apple devices

What’s improved:
• Printed labels now show all IMEIs

• Better Changelog UI
• Better software update flow
• Better driver install flow

What’s fixed:

• Port Manager bugfixes
• Get Info bugfixes

July 15, 2020

Under-the-hood Updates

Version 1.0.24
Desktop App
We release these silent updates regularly to perform various underlying changes
July 7, 2020

Public Beta Release 11

Version 1.0.23
Desktop App

What’s fixed:
•  Fixed a bug that could cause memory leak (and crash)
•  Various Android and PC bugfixes

July 3, 2020

Public Beta Release 10

Version 1.0.22
Desktop App

What’s new:
• Detailed Apple model recognition

What’s improved:
• Improved Get Info data collection

What’s fixed:
• Bugfixes for offline Diagnostics

June 25, 2020

Public Beta Release 9

Version 1.0.21
Desktop App

What’s improved:
• Improved grading data synchronization

What’s fixed:
• Print label bugfix

June 9, 2020

Public Beta Release 8

Version 1.0.20
Desktop App

What’s new:
• Licence management (in Settings)
• Now you can create your own test templates

What’s improved:

• Better M360 IDs for manual devices
• Better user data management
• Improved device disconnection handling
• Improved user session management

What’s fixed:
• Various bug fixes

April 1, 2020

Public Beta Release 7

Version 1.0.19
Desktop App

What’s new:

• Now you can Factory Reset and Secure Wipe devices
• Now we display user and software information on the home screen
• Now you can set Device Status under Grading
• Now you can save Customer Details under Grading
• M360 system notifications are now linked to devices
• Some device info will read from the apps if the PC app can’t access them
• Now you can change the UI scaling in the Settings (4K support)
• Now you can see suspicious M360 IDs (if device info was possibly changed)

What’s improved:
• Improved notification center with Retry and Dismiss All functions
• Better lost server connection handling with modal warning
• Print label improvements and added new fields
• Improved M360 ID creation
• Improved CSV and PDF export
• Added Windows version check (Win 7 & 10 are supported)

What’s fixed:

• Mobile apps don’t keep previous session data anymore
• UI bugfixes
• Auto-focus QR code display fixes
• Fixed the Connection Date order in History
• Fixed multi IMEI bug (IME1 & IME2 could show the same)

February 13, 2020

Public Beta Release 6

Version 1.0.18
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Added Get Info support for dual and eSIM
 • Now you can abort diagnostics (will skip remaining tests)
 • Now you can filter for the currently connected devices in History
 • iOS biometric tests

What’s improved:
• History, Get Info and Diagnostics layout improvements

What’s fixed:
• Bugfixes

January 24, 2020

Public Beta Release 5

Version 1.0.17
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Now you can print device labels with barcode

What’s improved:
• Better default save path handling

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a notification error that could happen around software update
• Other bugfixes

January 16, 2020

Public Beta Release 4

Version 1.0.16
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Now you can set (settings) a default path to save reports
 • A simplified main menu and devices interface

What’s fixed:
• Fixed an error that could happen with iTunes wifi sync
• Other bugfixes

December 5, 2019

Public Beta Release 3

Version 1.0.15
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Samsung KNOX information is available in get info

What’s improved:
 • Proper mute switch test for iOS devices
 • Better mobile app install/uninstall
 • More detailed CSV export

What’s fixed:
• Minor UI fixes

November 14, 2019

Public Beta Release 2

Version 1.0.14
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • New Results screen with History status

What’s improved:
 • Better battery health report
 • Redesigned UI elements

What’s fixed:
• Fixed a crash that could occur in help
• Fixed Bluetooth MAC filtering
• Some translation fixes

November 4, 2019

Public Beta Release 1

Version 1.0.13
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • New guided diagnostics screen
 • Manual Device Entry – Now you can record devices you can’t connect

What’s improved:
 • Get info data structure
 • Hungarian translations

What’s fixed:
• Unified date format for reports

October 16, 2019

Private Beta Release 8

Version 1.0.12
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Added storage report (as a diagnostics test)
 • Added for iOS and improved for Android battery health report
 • Added global date format settings
 • Improved overall language management

What’s fixed:
• A bug that could result crashes during Apple device detection
• Some details in PDF export

This version is released to a restricted test group.

September 17, 2019

Private Beta Release 7

Version 1.0.11
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Added Port Manager – now you can assign custom names to your physical ports
 • Revamped Grading system with optional letter (traditional) grading
 • Grading is now available in the mobile apps, with auto start option in Settings
 • Revamped Get Info screen – now all key information is listed here
 • Added headphone test
 • The clickable HSTRY indicator shows if a device has M360 history

What’s fixed:
• Now you can pass or fail the Android GPS test without waiting
• Differentiation between missing tests and hardware in results

This version is released to a restricted test group.

August 1, 2019

Private Beta Release 6

Version 1.0.10
Desktop App

What’s fixed:
 • A bug related to app auto install
 • A short delay in Android device detection (in certain cases)
 • Some user interface bugs

This version is released to a restricted test group.

July 25, 2019

Private Beta Release 5

Version 1.0.9
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Added language support with Hungarian as the first alternative language (Sziasztok magyarok!)
 • Export results in CSV
 • Settings is available now with limited functions
 • Added options to auto install and uninstall the mobile apps (Settings)
 • Revamped help section

This version is released to a restricted test group.

June 27, 2019

Private Beta Release 4

Version 1.0.8
Desktop App

What’s new:
 • Additional test details –  Some tests now display additional details, e.g. battery test
 • Get info recheck –  Added a button to force recheck any N/A get info value

What’s fixed:
 • Device storage  – Fixed some inaccurate readings related to storage capacity
 • Serial number  – Improved device serial number identification

This version is released to a restricted group for testing, bug reporting and to suggest additional features.

June 13, 2019

Private Beta Release 3

Version 1.0.7
Desktop App

New in this version:
 • Auto Confirm Tests – Tests with clear results automatically pass without the user pressing Next
 • Skip Helper Screens – Instructions don’t show during testing

Available features and functions in the Private Beta:
 • Driver Manager
 • Get Info Readings
 • Device Diagnostics
 • Grading
 • History

This version is released to a restricted group for testing, bug reporting and to suggest additional features.

June 7, 2019

Private Beta Release 2

Version 1.0.6
Desktop App

This version is released to a restricted group for testing, bug reporting and to suggest additional features.
Available, almost fully functional and ready for testing in this version:
 • Driver Manager
 • Get Info readings
 • Device Diagnostics
 • Grading (parameters and rating)
 • History
 • Connection Help

June 4, 2019

Private Beta Release 1

Version 1.0.5
Desktop App

This version is released to a restricted group for testing, bug reporting and to suggest additional features.
Available, almost fully functional and ready for testing in this version:
 • Driver Manager
 • Get Info readings
 • Device Diagnostics
 • Grading (parameters and rating)
 • History
 • Connection Help

May 29, 2019

Alpha Release

Version 1.0.4
Desktop App

This version is for internal, white-box testing. It's unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. It doesn't contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.

May 17, 2019

Alpha Release

Version 1.0.3
Desktop App

This version is for internal, white-box testing. It's unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. It doesn't contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.

March 13, 2019

Alpha Release

Version 1.0.1
Desktop App

This version is for internal, white-box testing. It's unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. It doesn't contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.

February 28, 2019

Alpha Release

Version 1.0.0
Desktop App

This version is for internal, white-box testing. It's unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. It doesn't contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.

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