April 20, 2023

Public Release 58

Version 1.3.31
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new

• Added battery drain test for Apple devices
• Added MDM state detection for Apple devices
• The camera test has been upgraded with a manual focus slider to identify the known "white spots" problem for Apple devices

What’s improved

• Improved IMEI reading for devices running Android 12 or newer
• The collection method and UI for Maximum Capacity (battery health) for Apple devices have been further enhanced
• Added a combined Battery Capacity / Health info field to the Label Designer (under Device Information)
• Some additional details have been incorporated into the plain text report

What’s fixed

• The Android app has had various bugs addressed that had the potential to trigger crashes during the camera test, battery test, and when utilising test templates
• An issue in the Automated Microphone & Speaker test has been resolved to prevent incorrect results (in rare scenarios) for Apple devices