October 2, 2023

Public Release 66

Version 1.4.3
New FeaturesDesktop App

Template Forcing
You now have the option to set a specific test template as mandatory, ensuring its enforcement across all operators. This means that operators are restricted from choosing or executing any alternative templates. To customise your test templates or to make one forced, simply navigate to https://m360soft.com/dashboard/templates while logged in with managerial credentials.

Manual Blacklist Check
We've added a button on the devices screen for manual IMEI checks. This functionality allows you to input any valid IMEI for a Blacklist check, without device connection.

Filename IMEI Prefix
We've incorporated a useful checkbox within the export dialog: to have the option to include device IMEIs as a prefix for all exported filenames, helping in instances of multi-export scenarios.

What's improved:
- Enhanced time tracking for diagnostics through a more robust and test-oriented approach
- iOS: added an automated volume checker and adjuster for the microphone and speaker tests
- Android: improved Bluetooth & GPS tests
- Added a status bar icon that provides a quick visual cue to indicate whether the logged-in user has manager role

What's fixed:
- In certain instances, the default labels failed to accurately display battery health
- Android bugfixes related to: multitouch test, camera test, device identification, other crash fixes