February 1, 2022

Public Release 28

Version 1.3.1
New FeaturesDesktop App

Android Battery Drain/Load Test
With our updated Android battery test you can get a more accurate battery health condition reading. It takes 10 minutes, this is about the minimum time required for such testing. We create a CPU load and measure the battery discharge rate and give you an estimated health percentage based on the result.

Revamped Results Screen
Now you can browse between diagnostic results that were created in the same session. You can also find and load historical results for a connected device, right on the results screen of the phone card.

Device Marketing Names
For many devices now we display their true marketing names as the friendly name. 

What’s improved
• Added activation and setup status indicators for Apple devices on the activation panel
• Added new QR label layouts showing the battery health and the number of tests finished
• Battery charge levels get updated on the phone cards

What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to CSV export in batch processing
• Fixed a diagnostics export bug
• Various UI fixes