April 1, 2020

Public Beta Release 7

Version 1.0.19
Desktop App

What’s new:

• Now you can Factory Reset and Secure Wipe devices
• Now we display user and software information on the home screen
• Now you can set Device Status under Grading
• Now you can save Customer Details under Grading
• M360 system notifications are now linked to devices
• Some device info will read from the apps if the PC app can’t access them
• Now you can change the UI scaling in the Settings (4K support)
• Now you can see suspicious M360 IDs (if device info was possibly changed)

What’s improved:
• Improved notification center with Retry and Dismiss All functions
• Better lost server connection handling with modal warning
• Print label improvements and added new fields
• Improved M360 ID creation
• Improved CSV and PDF export
• Added Windows version check (Win 7 & 10 are supported)

What’s fixed:

• Mobile apps don’t keep previous session data anymore
• UI bugfixes
• Auto-focus QR code display fixes
• Fixed the Connection Date order in History
• Fixed multi IMEI bug (IME1 & IME2 could show the same)