May 19, 2022

Public Release 37

Version 1.3.10
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new
• Now we can send you system notifications to let you know about scheduled maintenances, etc. (promise, we won’t spam)

What’s improved
• Better invalid IMEI detection and handling
• Now we highlight sensitive states for certain device information (account locks, etc.)
• Improved OEM check layout for Apple devices
• Now you can easily copy any device information (just move the mouse over and click the copy icon that appears)
• Android: now you can start the drain test with 40% battery charge (60% before)
• Android: drain test plays a notification sound when finished
• Android & iOS: now we prevent screen timeout for a better diagnostics experience
• Improved connection guides
• Better install & uninstall app messaging
• Added confirmation for the shutdown button
• Added a new label layout (E) (soon we will release our label designer)
• Now our settings window is responsive (for better overview)


What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug related to PDF printing
• UI bugfixes for Batch Operations
• Android: NFC related bugfixes
• Many other small fixes here and there