16 days ago

New OEM Check

Version 1.5.1
Desktop App

New OEM Check (BETA)

We are pleased to introduce our new method for handling OEM Checks! More reliable and more detailed than ever before, you can expect better results. This is a BETA feature, and we would like your feedback. To gain access to this feature, reach out to us via email: https://m360soft.com/help. To assist with correcting faulty results, for the BETA we have also added a button next to each result to report it if you are confident that it is false. This way we can work to further improve and expand the scope of this brand new feature.

What’s improved:
- Devices which are stuck on "authentication" can now be disconnected from the software without having to unplug them, by pressing the eject button on the top right of phonecards.

What’s fixed:
- Fixed a bug affecting the deletion/hiding of labels
- Fixed an error happening on failed logins