October 26, 2023

Improved Sync, Automated GPS Test, iOS 12

Version 1.4.5
New FeaturesDesktop App

Improved Diagnostics Synchronisation
Our mobile apps now proactively alert you when it's time to reconnect to your PC for seamless synchronisation of diagnostic data. In addition, you can choose to manually sync any past result from the mobile apps to your PC. With the newly added Sync to Computer button conveniently located next to the Share button on every result screen, you have control over the synchronisation process. Note that the device must be connected to the PC to do this.

Automated GPS Test
On the Settings/Diagnostics screen now you can set your default location (e.g. your shop) using longitude and latitude coordinates. If the GPS test on your device returns these coordinates with reasonable accuracy, the GPS test in the mobile apps will automatically pass.

Important update regarding iOS compatibility
Beginning with this update, we will no longer be supporting iOS 10 & 11 devices. This means that our mobile application will not install on devices running these iOS versions, diagnostics and other core features will be unavailable on such iPhones and iPads. The minimum supported iOS version is now raised to iOS 12.