23 Nisan 2024

Apple Jailbreak Status, Animated Instructions

Sürüm 1.4.16
New FeaturesDesktop App

What’s new:
- Both our Android and iOS apps now feature simple animations, which help new users/operators quickly get accustomed to performing certain diagnostics
- The Device Information data of iOS devices now includes the Jailbreak status

What’s improved:
- Grading details on labels are now more clear with their design, so that there is no confusion on the number of filled/empty stars
- The WiFi details you set within your diagnostics settings now work with all android devices, allowing you to automatically connect to the internet with all of your connected devices
- iOS Quick Diagnostics has received many improvements, and we thank you for your feedback! More data and more devices should now be compatible. Once again we remind you that this feature is still in its early stages, and as such is only available for users who contact our Support Team at https://m360soft.com/contact, and request access to it.
Check out our 60-second video showcasing Quick Testing: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/bHoUNzSUBE8

What’s fixed:
- A few minor bugs