Sürüm 1.3.2

Yayimlanma — 17 Şubat 2022

New Automated Speaker and Microphone Test
Now you have an option to test the speakers and the microphones without having to manually record, playback and validate. Our new test uses the data-over-sound technology to test all available speakers and microphones in the device. This technology encodes information into audio format, audibly as "bleeps and tones". We use the speakers to send randomly generated codes, and use the microphones to receive them.

New LCD Test for Android
Use this test to detect possible LCD display issues. The special 4 colour background and the auto-increasing brightness might help to recognise colour fade, light leakage, light bleeding, horizontal or vertical lines, light or dark patches, dead pixel or bright pixel. It can also help to trigger and detect the "famous" Samsung faulty green screen.

What’s improved
• Activation and setup for Apple devices are now available as a batch action so you can activate multiple devices with one single click

What’s fixed
• Various bugfixes here and there

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