January 20, 2022

Public Release 27

Version 1.3.0
New FeaturesDesktop App

Batch Operations
Now you can select multiple devices (left sidebar) for batch processing! Use the checkboxes at the top right corner or just simply select/deselect all connected devices to run all our key functions on them, at the same time, simultaneously. This is a work in progress feature, your feedback is welcome.

What’s improved
• Improved Android wipe handling
• Faster and more stable iOS activation
• Better MEID recognition and handling
• Better and more accurate iPhone models detection
• We moved the Blacklist check counter to the bottom status bar

What’s fixed
• In some cases IMEI2 wasn't showing for devices running Android 11 or newer
• Fixed a Custom ID (Sticky Data) length related bug
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the UI scaling
• Various UI fixes