a month ago

New Licences, Upgrades & Network Lock Check

Version 1.5.0
New FeaturesDesktop App

New Licence Structure

We are excited to unveil one of our biggest updates yet! To allow our users to better customise their exact needs from our product, we have reworked our licence structure. Rather than choosing a singular licence, you now can determine exactly what package you require, as well as take into consideration how much you actually need of certain features. You can check out the details on our new pricing here: https://m360soft.com/pricing

These licences use tokens for certain features, which you can always check how many you have of on your status bar as well as in your settings in our desktop application. Tokens reset monthly, and do not carry over, except for those which were manually purchased such as Blacklist Checks, and the new Network Lock Checks.

Network Lock Checks

By popular request, you can now use M360 to check if a device is locked to a specific carrier, or unlocked and usable with any carrier. Just like with Blacklist Checks, you can perform this on a device, or manually check an IMEI number. Licences do not include Network Checks by default, can be purchased from our website. Important Note: Network Lock Checks are only available for Samsung and iOS devices at this time!

What’s improved:
- We have updated our login screen, giving it a fresh look as well as a more user friendly interface
- All new and past changelogs have been cleaned up with a new format, available both in our desktop application as well as on our new website
- The status checker and its warnings are now more clear, letting you know and understand more effectively if something went wrong

What’s fixed:
- iPhone 8 devices which falsely showed some of their parts as replaced in an OEM check no longer do so
- The new Action Button on the latest iOS devices no longer causes issues in our Hardware Buttons test