February 15, 2024

Status Checker and Automatic Blacklist Check

Version 1.4.12
New FeaturesDesktop App

Automatic Blacklist Check

We have added a new automation setting that allows previously unchecked devices to have their IMEI automatically checked upon connection to M360. In addition to this, we have also added a setting which if turned on will also automatically recheck devices that haven’t been checked in over half a year. These features work for all devices, including those which were manually added.

New iOS 17+ Battery Test

Due to changes in the functionality of battery percentage reading in iOS devices running version 17+, we have introduced a slightly new method of performing it. Now such devices will require a connection with M360 at the beginning and end of the drain test. Other than that, the test and its results continue to function as normal.

Status Checker

Located in the bottom right, the new Status Checker allows you to make sure all basic functionality of M360 is in working order. Now if ever you find yourself experiencing errors, you can quickly check this list of functionality to get a clearer picture of what might be causing them.

What’s improved:
- We have revamped the entire status bar, making it more clear, as well as including the new Status Checker
- The start screen has also gained a significant makeover, now including some quick troubleshooting tips for device connection
- The button for the “Devices” screen is now a menu for quick use of certain features, such as Manual Device Entry and Android Activation

What’s fixed:
- Various minor bugs