October 27, 2021

Public Release 22

Version 1.2.1
New FeaturesDesktop App

Activation & Setup for Apple devices
Now you can quickly activate Apple devices and skip the selected Setup Assistant screens in M360! This can help to prepare a brand new, or a factory resetted device for testing, in less than a minute. If you want the device to be connected to your wifi network as part of this setup, please make sure you have the SSID and the password saved in our wifi settings panel. The A&S added as a new tab, at the top right corner of the Device Information screen.

What’s new
• Added NFC test
• Added 3D Touch test for supported Apple devices

What’s improved
• Now you can re-test failed and skipped tests before report generation – only the final results will go on your reports

What’s fixed
• Fixed a rare, iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus detection bug
• Fixed several bugs here and there