Version 1.3.27

Released At — March 2, 2023

Use Apple's Battery Health Maximum Capacity

Our battery health calculation for Apple devices can differ from Apple's own – what is displayed under Settings/Battery/Battery Health (Maximum Capacity). M360's capacity percentage is based on current data that is available at the time when you connected the device to M360. And Apple's calculation is based on continuously collected data, charging behaviours, etc. Therefore, there are some cases when these 2 values are 1-3% off due to many factors such as battery temperature, current charge, etc.
We understand that for some devices you want to have the same value on our reports and labels what your customers can see in the phone’s settings. That’s why we added a new reading method that can pull the Maximum Capacity value from the device as is.
If we detect that the 2 values might be different then you will see an Apple logo icon next to the battery health value on the Device Information screen. If you move your mouse over this icon you will see instructions how to run this data pull. Once you are familiar with the method you can just trigger it any time a device is connected and its tasks will run automatically in the background. Available for iOS 13 and newer.

Custom Overall Ratings

With our Sticky Data feature you can attach details to devices, and carry them over phone sessions. The Overall Rating is there to give your devices an overall condition rating. Our default values cover the common platform ratings like eBay Refurbished, Swappa and Back Market but now you can also create your own flags here. This value is displayed on M360 reports and can be added to your printed labels as well. You can manage these rating values on the online dashboard.

Custom Logo on Labels

If you upload your business logo on your web dashboard under Account Details, it will be automatically displayed on your reports. Now you can also add your uploaded logo to your labels using the Custom Logo element in the M360 label designer.

M360 versions

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