November 10, 2023

Label Designer is Here

Version 1.4.6
New FeaturesDesktop App

Label Designer

We're thrilled to announce that our powerful label designer has officially moved out of the beta stage. Now, you can easily create, save, export, and import as many labels as you want! Additionally, our previous QR and device labels have been merged into the designer, now serving as default labels. Here is an article on how to continue using our default and your beta labels:

What else is new:
- Added an option to disconnect devices from M360 without physical unplug (wireless sync is wip!)

What's improved:
- Any app, template, diagnostics or grading related changes in the PC settings now apply instantly, without device reconnection – these are saved and kept by the apps
- Increased the default data display quantity from 20 to 100 rows wherever applicable (History, External Reports, etc.)
- Rows associated with the same devices are now distinctly highlighted in the History