When do I need more licences?

In short, if you want to use M360 on multiple computers, simultaneously. Like if you have more than one shops with different locations or if you run a big service/repair centre where you are running M360 on a few computers at the same time.... Read more

Can I use M360 on all my computers?

You can use M360 on different computers, but not simultaneously. We have a fair computer switch policy that allows you to register 3 different computers, in every 3 months. There is also 48 hours waiting between switching computers. These r... Read more

What is Paddle?

Paddle is our UK based commerce partner, taking care of M360's payments, billing and invoices. If you bought a licence, you will be charged and invoiced by Paddle.

Paddle is also handling all local taxes (VAT, GST, Service Tax and th... Read more

Can I change the licence billing period?

Yes, on the M360 website dashboard you can manage your licences and change the billing period as well. If additional payment is required, you will be taken to the checkout page to settle so. If you are switching from annual to the monthly s... Read more

How can I cancel my licence/subscription?

No hidden menus and you don't need to talk to our support. We made licence/subscription cancelling very clear and straightforward.

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