- Screen Tests

Last updated on Jul 17, 20242 mins read

These tests evaluate the visual and physical function of the device’s screen.


Drag your finger across the screen to fill in each square, using up to 2 fingers on Android, or as many at once as you want on iOS. As you touch these areas, they should turn green, and an orange line should follow your touch wherever you draw with it. You can use the orange line to draw on areas where no squares appear, to test even niche parts of the screen. This test has a timer, the length of which you can change in your Diagnostics Settings (M360 PC app/Settings/Diagnostics).

Pass: This test passes when all squares have been turned green.

Fail: This test fails if the timer runs out without the test having been completed. You can also manually fail this test by pressing the volume down button.


This test divides your screen into squares , each of which can be turned green while touching them. The goal is to use multiple fingers at once, and see if the screen responds appropriately. You can move your fingers around while holding them down, and the green highlights should move with them.

Pass: You touch the screen with multiple fingers at once, and let go, with the phone properly registering this.

Fail: Less than 2 touches are detected, or none at all before the timer runs out. You can also manually fail this test by pressing the volume down button.

Dead Pixel

This test is intended to help you find faulty pixels on the screen. Each time you tap the screen during this test, it will switch colours, as individual colours may be dead on a screen on certain parts.

Pass (Manual): When you see no missing pixels on any of the colours.

Fail (Manual): If you spot even pixels that do not function in at least one colour.

LCD (Android Only)

LCD displays can degrade over time, this test helps you notice any signs of colour fading, light bleeding, or other forms of screen errors. The screen will display red, green, blue, white colours fading to black, while the screen itself starts from 0% brightness and goes to 100%.

Pass (Manual): You notice nothing unusual about the screen.

Fail (Manual): The transition isn’t clean, unexpected lines appear, colours bleed into each other, or any other anomalies are noticed.