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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are checked upon connection for iOS devices to determine if parts are original, genuine or they have been replaced.

You can find the OEM check report on the device information screen, as a new tab next to Sticky Data.

How does “OEM Parts Check for Apple Devices” work?

Motherboard, battery, screen, rear camera, front camera, wifi, bluetooth – these parts are checked for iOS devices upon connection to determine if parts are original, replaced, or genuine. We read the current serial numbers and if they do not match to the factory value, some part of the device may be changed.

OEM check report is available in the History and optionally can be added to the online and PDF reports.

OEM Parts Check is extra useful for you:

  • If you handle second-hand iPhones, with M360 you can check the genuineness of the device
  • If you service iPhones, this feature allows you to show your customers that you worked with genuine apple parts and that your service was trustworthy